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Will Liposuction Prevent Me From Gaining Weight?

Posted October 25, 2022 in Body Surgery

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Following a liposuction procedure, most patients are thrilled with their slimmer and fitter physique. Unfortunately, this leads to the obvious question: Can the fat return?

In truth, the answer is yes; however, it isn’t necessarily as straightforward as that. 

Couple walking across a bridge in New York City.

Fat can come back after liposuction in both the treatment area as well as the surrounding areas if a healthy lifestyle is not followed; however, it may not come back in the way that you think it will.

Understanding Weight Gain After Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that physically removes fat cells from the body. Since we are born with a definitive number of fat cells, reducing the number of these cells in a given area can allow for a permanent solution to unwanted fat.

That being said, liposuction does not remove all fat cells, and there will still be fat cells in other areas of the body.

When a healthy lifestyle (including diet and exercise) is not followed, the remaining fat cells can still expand in size (representing weight gain). 

Now, since the liposuction treatment area has fewer of these cells, it is unlikely that the treatment area will expand as much as the non-treated areas. 

This is why some people feel as though liposuction simply transfers the fat to another area — which is not true. Any weight gain is a reflection of age and lifestyle choices.  

How Can I Protect My Liposuction Results?

Liposuction results are like any cosmetic surgery results — they must be maintained. This can be done with the following:

Proper Nutrition

The saying is true, “you are what you eat.” If you are not providing your body with the nutrients it needs and avoiding what it doesn’t, you will see weight come back. 

Focus on a balanced diet, including lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, and healthy grains. Limit the amount of heavily processed foods that provide the body with little energy.

New York City is full of restaurants that offer just about any type of healthy cuisine you can imagine. There are always healthy food options at your fingertips.

Regular Exercise

Staying active is the best way to maintain your slim physique. However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend all your free time at the gym, doing endless reps of painful weight training exercises.

An area like New York City is full of ways to stay active. You have Central Park in close proximity that has access to walking and jogging trails as well as open fields for more fun sport activities like soccer or tennis. Or, you could consider walking around the city instead of taking the subway. When you think about it, the city is the perfect playground for you to stay active.

The Right Mindset

Healthy living is more than just what you eat and how active you are. You should also consider the following:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Try to keep your stress levels in check
  • Stay hydrated

Interested in Liposuction in New York City?

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