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Labiaplasty in New York City

Some women naturally have enlarged labia, while others develop this with age, weight fluctuations, and after childbirth with vaginal deliveries. Stretched or elongated labia can cause physical discomfort and self-consciousness or embarrassment during intimate relations.

If you are bothered by the size or shape of your labia and want to reduce their size, you may want to consider labiaplasty. Dr. Rita Shats is a highly trained gynecologist who performs labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, and other sexual wellness surgeries at New Look New Life’s Manhattan practice.

What Are the Benefits of Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that trims the inner labia (labia minora) to reduce their size and correct asymmetry. While non-surgical options exist that can tighten the labia, a labiaplasty can provide much more dramatic results.

Labiaplasty is performed on women with stretched or large labia to attain the following benefits:

  • Smaller, more proportional labia
  • Increased physical comfort when exercising of having sex
  • Increased comfort when wearing tight-fitting clothes or bathing suits
  • Asymmetrical labia
  • Increased confidence during intimacy

Am I a Candidate for Labiaplasty?

You may be a good candidate for a labiaplasty if:

  • You experience discomfort when riding a bike, exercising, or having sex due to the size of your labia
  • You feel self-conscious about the size or shape of your labia
  • You are in good general health and do not smoke
  • You understand the risks of surgery and have realistic expectations

Smoking greatly increases the risk of complications from surgery, so it’s vital that you are a non-smoker or are able to quit for a few weeks before and after surgery. You should also be in overall good health, with no chronic conditions that could interfere with your healing.

It’s important to understand that labiaplasty only reduces the size of the labia. It does not tighten the vaginal canal. If you suffer from vaginal laxity as well as large labia, you may benefit from a combination of labiaplasty and vaginoplasty.

Dr. Shats will be happy to discuss all of your options during your consultation in order to find the best treatment plan that addresses all of your needs.

What Is Discussed During My Labiaplasty Consultation?

Your consultation with Dr. Shats is the first step towards a successful labiaplasty procedure. During this meeting, she will:

  • Discuss your goals
  • Explain your surgical options
  • Recommend any combination procedures
  • Develop a surgical plan
  • Give you an opportunity to ask questions

If you think you may be a candidate for labiaplasty with Dr. Rita Shats, contact New Look New Life Surgical Arts by calling (646) 559-2854.

How Is Labiaplasty Performed?

Labiaplasty is performed by removing excess tissue from each labium. This is done through one of two methods:

  • Trim method: This technique removes tissue along the edge of the entire labium.
  • Wedge method: This technique removes a “V-shaped” tissue wedge from each labium.

Should I Combine Labiaplasty With Other Sexual Wellness Surgeries?

What Are Your Concerns?

What Is Labiaplasty Recovery Like?

During your recovery from labiaplasty surgery, you can expect some swelling, itching, and general discomfort. We’ll prescribe medication for any pain, and you can manage the itching and swelling with cold compresses and witch hazel. Dr. Shats will give you instructions and advice to help ensure a smooth recovery.

Typically, most women can return to work within the first week. You can resume exercise after two to four weeks, and you can resume sexual relations after six to eight weeks.

Check with Dr. Shats if you’re unsure if you’re healed enough to do any particular activities, like swimming or riding a bike.

Is Labiaplasty Painful?

Labiaplasty is performed under anesthesia to prevent pain during the surgery itself. You may develop some discomfort in the hours and days after your surgery which can be lessened with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication like TYLENOL®. Avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, and NSAIDs while you are recovering, as these medications can increase bleeding.

Does Labiaplasty Leave Scars?

Any surgical procedure will result in a scar where the incisions were made. The placement and size of your labiaplasty scars will depend on the type of labiaplasty that you underwent (trim method or wedge method) and the extent of correction needed. Often, the wedge method will result in smaller scars. All scars can be covered with underwear and bathing suits.

How Much Is Labiaplasty in New York City?

Your labiaplasty is tailored to your personal needs. Because of this, your New York labiaplasty costs will vary depending on the extent of the procedure, the type of anesthesia used, the techniques performed, combination procedures, facility fees, and anesthesia fees.

New Look New Life offers financing options to help women with payment for their labiaplasty.

Why should I choose New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical Arts?

New Look New Life is a boutique cosmetic surgery practice in the heart of New York City that offers a variety of cosmetic breast, body, face, and sexual wellness surgeries. We are dedicated to providing safe and beautiful results through customized cosmetic procedures and will personalize your sexual wellness surgery to you based on your needs and desires.

If you’d like to learn more about labiaplasty and whether it’s right for you, call New Look New Life today at 646-559-2854 to schedule your consultation at our Manhattan or Westchester office. Our board-certified cosmetic gynecologist Dr. Rita Shats will be happy to listen to your concerns and discuss a customized treatment plan.

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Labiaplasty?

What kind of results can I expect after labiaplasty?

Women who undergo labiaplasty are generally very happy with their results. They find that wearing jeans and tight pants is more comfortable, they have an easier time exercising, and they feel more confident being naked in front of a partner.

Does labiaplasty tighten the vagina?

Labiaplasty is performed to reduce the labia minora of the vulva (the external part of the female genitalia). It does not tighten the vagina or increase sensitivity. Women looking for correction to those should consider vaginoplasty, clitoral hood reduction, or another sexual wellness surgery in lieu of or in addition to labiaplasty.

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If you’d like to learn more about labiaplasty and whether it’s right for you, call New Look New Life today at (646) 559-2854 to schedule your consultation at our Manhattan or Westchester office. Our board-certified cosmetic gynecologist Dr. Rita Shats will be happy to listen to your concerns and discuss a customized treatment plan.