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Gynecomastia in New York City

Most men do not consider the likelihood that they will develop enlarged breasts; however, this is something that affects as much as 60 percent of men.

Gynecomastia is characterized by the overdevelopment of male breast tissue and fat. While this condition has a simple surgical fix, many men who suffer from this are too embarrassed to seek treatment.

Instead of suffering the emotional and physical discomfort stemming from this condition, you can consider gynecomastia surgery. This procedure removes the presence of excess breast tissue and adipose tissue (fat) that contribute to a male breast. What results is a stronger, more masculine chest appearance.

Why should I choose New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical Arts?

The surgeons at New Look New Life are dedicated to providing you with safe, results-driven transformations. Our surgeons customize your gynecomastia surgery to your specific needs and are there for you throughout your male breast reduction process.

What Causes Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia can affect men of all ages and can develop in response to many different situations. Some of these causes include:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes
  • Certain medications for prostate cancer, heart disease, HIV, or high blood pressure
  • Anabolic steroids
  • Drug use
  • Obesity

Am I a Candidate for Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia can cause significant self-esteem issues in men who cannot remove enlarged breasts naturally. Candidates for male breast reduction identify with this insecurity and desire to correct it through surgical means. Ideal candidates do not smoke, are in good overall health and close to their goal weight, and have realistic expectations of their results.

What Is Discussed During My Gynecomastia Surgery Consultation?

Your consultation is critical to the success of your gynecomastia surgery. During your meeting, your surgeon will:

  • Discuss your goals for the procedure
  • Take your measurements and photos
  • Determine the cause of your gynecomastia
  • Explain your surgical options
  • Develop a treatment plan

If you think you may be a candidate for gynecomastia surgery, contact New Look New Life Surgical Arts by calling (646) 559-2854.

How Can I Personalize My Gynecomastia Surgery?

Your gynecomastia procedure will be tailored to address your specific concerns. Breast reduction for men is an outpatient procedure that takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half.

Gynecomastia surgery requires the use of local or general anesthesia, and you should arrange for transportation to and from the surgery center.

Will I Need Liposuction on My Breasts?

Men suffering from pseudogynecomastia (excess breast fat) benefit the most from using liposuction surgery to remove the excess fat. Men who qualify for liposuction alone do not have excess breast tissue or skin laxity on the chest.

During your liposuction treatment, your surgeon at New Look New Life will make a tiny incision on each side of the chest. These incisions are nearly invisible once they have healed.

The excess fat is removed via a vacuuming device attached to a thin cannula.

Will I Need Tissue Excision on My Breasts?

If the cause of gynecomastia is excess tissue or loose skin, a more extensive tissue removal procedure is required. Incisions will be made around the areola (the darker region surrounding the nipple) to conceal the resulting scar.

Excess tissue is physically removed, and loose skin is trimmed to reveal tighter and more sculpted pecs.

What if I Have Excess Tissue and Excess Fat?

Many men who are suffering from gynecomastia have both excess fat and tissue in the chest. These men would benefit most from a combination of liposuction and tissue excision.

Should I Combine My Gynecomastia Surgery With Another Body Contouring Procedure?

Male breast reduction is a unique, targeted procedure that is typically performed alone. However, men with excess pockets of fat around the chest area may benefit from liposuction in the neighboring regions.

Alternatively, men who desire more definition in their chest may opt for pectoral enhancement with implants.

What Are Your Concerns?

How Long Is the Recovery From Gynecomastia Surgery?

The extent of your recovery period will vary slightly depending on the surgical techniques that were used.
Regardless, men can expect to develop some bruising, swelling, and tenderness in the chest region. Their chest will be wrapped in a compression garment (male vest) to control swelling and pain by promoting blood circulation.

Most men undergoing liposuction only can return to work the following day or within a day or two. Men who undergo tissue excision may require a few additional days.

You will be required to avoid all strenuous exercise for at least seven to 10 days following the treatment. Heavy lifting should be avoided for four to six weeks.

Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini and Dr. Kim provide all of their patients with their cell phone numbers so that they can be reached at any time during the recovery.

Is Gynecomastia Surgery Painful?

Gynecomastia surgery is performed with anesthesia for your comfort and safety. Unfortunately, some discomfort may develop in the hours and days following the surgery. Prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication can remedy any discomfort that is experienced during this time.

Most men find that their pain has dissipated within a few days.

Will My Gynecomastia Surgery Leave Scars?

All surgical procedures will result in some degree of scarring; however, the extent of this scarring will depend on the gynecomastia surgery techniques that were performed.

Liposuction incisions are very small; therefore, the resulting scars will be nearly undetectable once the incisions have healed.

The excision method will result in a higher degree of scarring, but the darker skin of the areola camouflages the scars.

You can reduce the visibility of your scars by keeping the healing incisions out of the sun, applying silicone strips or topical scar creams, and avoiding any strenuous movement to the chest—such as lifting weights or doing push-ups.

What Does Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in New York?

Your male breast reduction surgery will be tailored to you based on your physical needs.

At New Look New Life Surgical Arts, the cost of gynecomastia surgery starts at $4,500, but this amount may vary once all of the required techniques, surgeon’s fees, anesthesia fees, facility fees, post-surgical garments, and follow-up visits are factored in.

We will provide you with an accurate cost estimate during your consultation, and we offer financing options through CareCredit® to assist you in paying for your male breast reduction surgery in New York.

Before & After

Gynecomastia – Before

Gynecomastia – After

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Gynecomastia Surgery?

How should I prepare for my gynecomastia surgery?

Regardless of your degree of gynecomastia, your surgery will be performed under local or general anesthesia. Because of this, smoking and the use of all blood-thinning medications and NSAIDs are prohibited for at least 10 to 14 days before and after the surgery.

Patients should arrange to have a family member or friend drive them to and from the surgery and stay with them for the first 24 to 48 hours of their recovery to help with all normal activities.

What are the risks associated with gynecomastia surgery?

Male breast reduction is extremely safe when performed by a skilled surgeon, such as your surgeon at New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical Arts. Unfortunately, as with any surgical procedure, rare complications can occur. These include:

  • Harmful interactions with the anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Seroma
  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • Poor scarring
  • Chest asymmetry

How can steroid use contribute to gynecomastia?

Men may be surprised to hear that the very same anabolic steroids they are taking to build masculine muscle actually create a spike in estrogen levels (the female hormone). If steroid levels become too high in the body, it can cause an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen, generating the development of excess adipose breast tissue.

Can my gynecomastia fix itself?

Some men who develop gynecomastia during adolescence discover that their gynecomastia rectifies itself as they enter adulthood. This is because their gynecomastia was due to a hormonal imbalance that corrected itself. While this correction is possible, it is not always probable.

Most men who suffer from the presence of excess adipose tissue discover that surgery is their only option.

How can I tell if I need liposuction or excision?

Liposuction is appropriate if the cause of your gynecomastia is excess fat. Liposuction cannot remove excess skin or glandular (breast) tissue.

Your surgeon at New Look New Life Surgical Arts will recommend the best techniques during your consultation.

When will I see my gynecomastia surgery results?

Because gynecomastia surgery physically removes excess tissue or fat, you will start to see your results immediately following your treatment. However, as there will be moderate to significant bruising and swelling following your surgery, it may take weeks or months for the full extent of your results to develop.

Once the results fully form, men are astounded by their slimmer, more defined chest and the effect that the firmness has on their self-image.

Can gynecomastia return after gynecomastia surgery?

The results of your gynecomastia surgery can be permanent as long as you maintain a stable weight and follow a healthy lifestyle. While this condition will likely not reappear on its own, it can recur if there is significant weight gain or if you begin steroid or drug use.

Since some men’s gynecomastia is intertwined with their hormones, there is a chance that gynecomastia can return with age due to the shifting hormones.

Any changes in your chest can be addressed with additional liposuction or skin excision treatment.

At New Look New Life, helping you achieve beautiful results with minimal time away from your busy life is our goal. Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini is a New York cosmetic surgeon whose eye for detail and careful attention to her patients showcases itself in the gorgeous and natural-looking results they are able to provide. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Karlinksy-Bellini give our office a call today at one of our two New York locations (Manhattan and Westchester) and get ready for a new, more confident you.

Ready to schedule your Gynecomastia consultation?

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