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Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation in NYC

If you want to restore a younger look, but don’t want the dramatic instant changes of other treatments, Sculptra® is a great option to achieve gradual, long-lasting results. Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini and Dr. Claudia Kim will create a personalized treatment plan that can easily work into any New Yorker’s busy schedule.

Sculptra® Aesthetic injections

How does Sculptra® work?

Sculptra® is an anti-aging facial injection treatment. Over a series of treatments, Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini and Dr. Claudia Kim inject Sculptra® Aesthetic in key areas of the face to gradually restore a youthful appearance.

Is Sculptra® Aesthetic right for me?

Sculptra® can be a very effective alternative to surgical facelifts. By working beneath the skin’s surface, Sculptra® injections help replace lost collagen to add fullness and smooth wrinkles and deep facial lines.

Sculptra® is perfect for filling and adding volume to:

  • Deep nasal folds
  • Smile lines
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Temples and cheeks

Will I see results right away?

Sculptra® produces natural-looking results over a series of treatments. Your results will start with subtle improvements and you’ll ultimately enjoy significant, long-lasting facial rejuvenation (*).

How long does a Sculptra® treatment take?

Each Sculptra® appointment is just 15 to 30 minutes. To achieve the full benefits of Sculptra® Aesthetic, Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini and Dr. Claudia Kim will schedule each patient for a series of three to four injection appointments over a few months. This allows for gradual collagen replacement and lets your New York cosmetic surgeon carefully direct each round of injections for optimal smoothing and filling.

How should I prepare?

Sculptra® treatments require no special preparation. Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini and Dr. Claudia Kim will describe your procedure in detail and outline a customized treatment plan that works around your schedule.

What can I expect during recovery?

Our team recommends applying a soft cloth ice pack to the treated areas after each Sculptra® Aesthetic injection. This will help reduce swelling during the first 24 hours. It is also helpful to gently massage the face throughout the day. Be sure to avoid sun exposure and protect your skin with sunscreen.

Are there risks associated with Sculptra® treatments?

Side effects of Sculptra® injections may include short-term redness, tenderness, and swelling. Patients experiencing concerning or unusual symptoms after treatment are advised to call our office immediately.

How long does Sculptra® last?

Sculptra® Aesthetic’s long-lasting results make it a very popular facial volumizer. Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini and Dr. Claudia Kim’s patients can expect their Sculptra® results to last two years or more. Many patients even experience a subtle lift from their Sculptra® treatment.

What are patients saying about their Sculptra® Aesthetic treatments?

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What alternatives to Sculptra should I consider?

Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini is highly skilled in a full range of liquid facelift options, including BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM®, RADIESSE®, Dysport®, Restylane®, and Restylane Lyft™. They help each patient select the most appropriate facial injectable. For those seeking more permanent facial rejuvenation, Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini and Dr. Claudia Kim are also highly skilled in facelifts and mini facelifts.

At New Look New Life, helping you achieve beautiful results with minimal time away from your busy life is our goal. Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini is a New York cosmetic surgeon whose eye for detail and careful attention to her patients showcases itself in the gorgeous and natural-looking results they are able to provide. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Karlinksy-Bellini give our office a call today at one of our two New York locations (Manhattan and Westchester) and get ready for a new, more confident you.

Ready to schedule your Sculptra® consultation?

We would love to discuss your options and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Give us a call at (646) 559-2854 to schedule a private Sculptra® consultation with Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini and Dr. Claudia Kim. New Look New Life has two New York locations (Manhattan and Westchester).