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How a Neck Lift Can Transform Your Appearance

Posted December 21, 2023 in Face Surgery

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When people consider plastic surgery to rejuvenate their appearance, they often consider procedures geared toward the face but neglect neck procedures. The neck is an area on the body that very quickly and visibly shows signs of aging. A neck lift can be a transformative procedure to halt the aging process. This blog discusses how a neck lift works, the benefits, who is eligible to get a neck lift, and what other facial procedures you can combine with your neck lift to achieve your ultimate facial aesthetic goals. 

Don’t Neglect the Neck

Signs of aging are inevitable as you grow older, but that doesn’t make them any less frustrating, particularly when they alter areas of your body that are hard to cover up. Everyone knows a facelift provides the ultimate rejuvenation for the face, but many people neglect their necks. The neck can communicate aging just as easily as the face through sagging skin, creases, and wrinkles. A neck lift can combat these signs of aging and leave you with transformative results that give you a youthful look while still appearing natural.

How Does a Neck Lift Work? 

The neck lift procedure is performed by your board-certified surgeon, who makes three incisions—one behind each of your ears and one under the chin—which allows the surgeon to tighten the neck’s skin and tissues and perform liposuction on the neck. Any excess skin will be trimmed down to fit the neck, and the remaining skin will be redraped over the neck to create a smoother and more youthful neck contour. 

Benefits of Getting a Neck Lift 

Why should you get a neck lift? When you get a neck lift, you can:

  • Say goodbye to saggy neck skin
  • Smooth out and get rid of wrinkles
  • Redefine your jawline 
  • Reduce the appearance of a double-chin
  • Halt signs of aging and have a neck that makes you feel confident 

Am I Eligible for a Neck Lift? 

It’s essential for all prospective neck lift patients to have realistic expectations and to know that a neck lift cannot completely change your physical appearance or stop future signs of aging from occurring. 

If you’re considering getting a neck lift, you should be someone who doesn’t smoke, is in good health, and has no medical conditions that could affect your recovery. 

Combining Your Neck Lift With Additional Procedures 

Since the neck is close to the face, some patients decide to combine other facial procedures with their neck lift to achieve their ultimate aesthetic goals.


A facelift pairs excellently with a neck lift and is a great way to rejuvenate your facial region, and the two procedures are often done together for many patients. Facelift surgery uses the same or similar incisions used for neck lift surgery, so you don’t have to worry about additional scars. A facelift can get rid of wrinkles in the middle and lower areas of the face, restore youthful facial contours, and lift sagging facial tissues. 

For people who want to rejuvenate their face but want a less invasive option than the traditional facelift, a mini facelift can be an excellent alternative. A mini facelift differs from a complete facelift in the shorter incisions used and the smaller amount of facial tissue being maneuvered. 

Brow Lift 

For those who wish to enhance their upper face, a brow lift can work wonders for the forehead area. A brow lift, sometimes called a forehead lift, can smooth out harsh frown lines on the forehead and elevate the eyebrows.

Facial Fat Grafting

As you age, you tend to lose skin elasticity and fat in your face, which can cause hollow facial contours that make you appear older than you are. Facial fat grafting is a procedure that utilizes areas of the body where you have unwanted fat, removing that fat and transferring it to the face to restore youthful facial contours. 

Want to Know More About Neck Lifts in Manhattan or Westchester, NY? 

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