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Facelift in New York City

As we mature, there is no way to prevent the onset of facial lines and wrinkles; however, today men and women have many options they can choose to help delay the development of the most common signs of aging. When skin creams, moisturizers, and non-surgical treatments prove to no longer be up to the task, many people consider facelift surgery. Facelift surgery repairs and reverses the most common signs of facial aging by tightening facial tissues and trimming excess skin. The surgical experts at New Look New Life have years of experience in restoring youthful and natural-looking facial contours.

Why should I choose New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical Arts?

New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical Arts is dedicated to providing safe, beautiful, and natural-looking results through customized cosmetic procedures. Our board-certified cosmetic surgeons personalize your facelift surgery based on your desires and needs, and they are there for you throughout the process. From your pre-op consultation to after your post-op appointments, you will always have access to your surgeon. This one-on-one care places New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical Arts far above the rest.

What Are the Benefits of Facelift Surgery?

Facelift surgery is performed on women and men to:

  • Restore youthful and angular facial contours
  • Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles on the middle and lower regions of the face
  • Lessen the development of jowls
  • Minimize a double chin
  • Reposition sagging facial tissues
  • Maintain a natural appearance

Am I a Candidate for Facelift Surgery?

Men and women consider facelift surgery to correct the signs of aging that leave them feeling as though their reflection no longer represents the vibrancy they feel inside. The best candidates for facelift surgery do not smoke, are in good overall health, have realistic expectations of their results. These patients also continue good eating habits and healthy skin care routines over the course of their lives. Dr. Karlinsky and Dr. Kim are highly experienced in providing optimal and natural-looking facelift results.

What Is Discussed During My Facelift Consultation?

Since your facelift is customized to your needs, a consultation with your surgeon at New Look New Life is essential to the success of your surgery. During this meeting, your surgeon will:

  • Discuss your goals for your facelift
  • Evaluate your skin condition
  • Take photos
  • Explain your surgical options
  • Recommend any combination procedures
  • Develop a surgical plan

If you think you may be a candidate for facelift surgery, contact New Look New Life Surgical Arts by calling (646) 559-2854.

How Can I Personalize My Facelift Surgery?

Facelift surgery is performed to restore natural-looking, youthful facial contours. This surgery often takes between three and four hours to complete.

Where Are My Facelift Incisions Made?

Incisions for facelift surgery are made in discreet locations where they will be easy to hide. Usually, incisions are made in the natural creases near the ear or behind the hairline. Through these incisions, the underlying tissues (including fat and muscles) are repositioned, tightened, or removed, and the excess skin is trimmed. The results of these techniques are smoother skin, more defined and lifted facial contours, and reduced wrinkles.

What Is a Mini Facelift?

A mini facelift is an alternative approach for men and women who need a lesser degree of facial toning. This technique uses shorter incisions and manipulates a smaller amount of tissue to result in less bruising, swelling, and bleeding. While the mini facelift provides significant and beautiful results for the right patient, it cannot rival the amount of correction provided by the traditional facelift.

Should I Combine My Facelift With a Neck Lift?

Many patients choose to combine their facelift with neck lift surgery to maintain balance between their features. Since neck lift surgery utilizes some of the same incisions as facelift surgery, the two are easily combined into one procedure. Neck lift surgery addresses visible aging on the neck and beneath the chin, such as vertical banding. Liposuction of the neck may be combined to eliminate a double chin or additional fatty deposits on the neck.

Should I Combine My Facelift With Facial Augmentation?

Facelift surgery restores youthful contours by repositioning and tightening tissues, muscles, and facial fat; however, it cannot restore facial volume that has been lost over time. Facial augmentation, such as cheek augmentation with implants or fillers and chin augmentation with implants, can restore fullness to the face. Fat grafting to the face also restores facial volume by transferring fat from another area of the body.

Before & After

Facelift – Before

Facelift – After

What Are Your Concerns?

What Will My Facelift Recovery Be Like?

Facelift surgery is an outpatient procedure, and you can return home to recover shortly after your surgery. You should plan to rest comfortably at home for several days following your facelift. We suggest that you keep your head upright at all times (even when sleeping) to ensure proper blood circulation. This will help promote comfort, reduce swelling, and limit the possibility of complications. Most facelift patients can return to work and their normal day-to-day-activities after one week, but you may be asked to limit any strenuous or vigorous exercise for a longer period. Most swelling should subside within one month. Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini and Dr. Kim provide all of their patients with their cell phone numbers so that they can be reached at any time during your recovery.

Is Facelift Surgery Painful?

Facelift surgery is performed under anesthesia to eliminate any pain during the procedure. You may develop some bruising, swelling, tenderness, and tightness following your facelift. Any discomfort can be lessened with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication.

Will My Facelift Leave Scars?

Dr. Karlinsky and Dr. Kim pay meticulous detail to the placement and size of your facelift incisions. All incisions are placed in locations that will be easy to conceal with hairstyles and makeup, and all scars fade with time.

What Does Facelift Surgery Cost in New York?

At New Look New Life Surgical Arts in New York, your facelift surgery will be tailored to your needs and aesthetic goals. Our facelift surgery starts at $15,000, but this may vary significantly once anesthesia fees, surgeon’s fees, facility fees, operating room fees, required garments, and follow-up visits are factored in. You will be provided with an accurate cost estimate during your consultation that will take all of the above factors into account. We offer financing options through CareCredit® to assist you in paying for your facelift in New York.

At New Look New Life, helping you achieve beautiful results with minimal time away from your busy life is our goal. Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini is a New York cosmetic surgeon whose eye for detail and careful attention to her patients showcases itself in the gorgeous and natural-looking results they are able to provide. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Karlinksy-Bellini give our office a call today at one of our two New York locations (Manhattan and Westchester) and get ready for a new, more confident you.

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Facelift Surgery?

When will I see my facelift results?

Your facelift results will start to become visible immediately after the surgery but will continue to refine over the following days and weeks as the bruising and swelling subside. With time, your skin will feel much smoother and tighter, and your face will appear more youthful and rejuvenated.

How should I prepare for facelift surgery?

Since your facelift is performed under anesthesia, you will need to stop smoking and taking all blood-thinning medication, including aspirin, ibuprofen, NSAIDs, and some herbal supplements, for at least 10 to 14 days before and after the surgery. You will also need to arrange for a family member or friend to get you to and from the surgery and stay with you for the first 24 to 48 hours to assist with all day-to-day activities.

What are the risks associated with facelift surgery?

Facelift surgery is very safe, especially when performed by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Karlinsky or Dr. Kim. While rare, complications can arise, including:

  • Negative reactions to the anesthesia
  • Bleeding/hematoma
  • Infection
  • Seroma
  • Nerve damage
  • Prolonged wound healing
  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Facial asymmetry

Does facelift surgery address the entire face?

No. Facelift surgery addresses the middle and lower regions of the face. It does not address the eyes or forehead. If you are experiencing laxity in the upper third of your face and would like to keep consistency between the youthfulness of your upper and lower face, you may consider combining your facelift with blepharoplasty (eyelid lift surgery) to address the eyelids or brow lift surgery to treat the forehead and drooping brows.

Will I still look like myself after facelift surgery?

Facelift surgery is designed to restore a more rejuvenated and youthful version of yourself. This surgery will not make you look like an entirely different person, but it will highlight your natural beauty.

Is there a non-surgical alternative to a facelift?

While no non-surgical procedure can rival the extensive results offered with the traditional facelift, there are non-surgical treatments that can reduce or eliminate the appearance of fine lines and restore facial volume.  Younger patients or those who are only experiencing minor to moderate signs of aging may benefit from a liquid facelift treatment, which is a combination of neuromodulators like BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport® injections and dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM®, Restylane® or Restylane® Lyft™, or the collagen-enhancing RADIESSE®. Patients can also undergo laser resurfacing with Sciton® laser treatments.

Are my facelift results permanent?

The results of your facelift will be long lasting; however, they are not permanent, as facelift surgery does not stop the natural aging process. You will continue to develop fine lines and wrinkles in the face and neck; however, they will always be less than if you had not had the surgery. While every person ages differently, you can help prolong the life of your results by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, protecting your skin from the sun, and following a good skin care routine. Some patients choose to follow-up their facelift with a mini facelift after a few years.

Ready to schedule your Facelift consultation?

We would love to discuss your options and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Give us a call at (646) 559-2854 to schedule a private Facelift consultation. New Look New Life has two New York locations (Manhattan and Westchester).