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5 Ways to Get Rid of Dad Bod

Posted November 01, 2022 in Surgery for Men

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While women and moms have Mommy Makeover procedures to help them look and feel the way they’ve always wanted,we can often find ourselves asking: “What about Dad?” 

The reality is that men are just like women in the sense that they can be frustrated with their aesthetic appearance. Just like women, men see some of their favorite celebrities and wish that they could look more like many of those men. 

And luckily, just like women, there are cosmetic procedures that can help men achieve the contoured body that they have always wanted.

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Below, you will find information about five of the most popular male plastic surgery procedures. 

Any of the procedures below can be combined as a “Daddy Makeover” or be performed as individual surgical procedures.


Liposuction surgery is one of the most popular, important, and versatile procedures that a man can have performed. That is because you can have liposuction as a standalone procedure or as part of another, more extensive procedure (in fact, this isn’t the only time you will see liposuction on this list). 

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that removes stubborn fat from various areas of the body. While this procedure is not a weight-loss procedure, you can permanently get rid of pockets of fat that don’t seem to go away, no matter how healthy your diet is or how much you exercise at the gym.

For this procedure, one of our board-certified cosmetic surgeons will make small incisions in the treatment areas of your skin. Then, a cannula (a thin tube) will be inserted through the incisions to loosen subcutaneous fat. Once the fat is loose, it is suctioned out of the body through the cannula. 

After your liposuction recovery, you can enjoy a thinner and more contoured body.

Gynecomastia Surgery 

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes enlarged male breasts. Not only is this condition prominent in men of all ages, but it can be one of the most embarrassing cosmetic issues that males struggle with. If you have “man boobs” and want to get rid of them, then gynecomastia surgery is the procedure for you. 

For this procedure, liposuction is used to remove any stubborn fat that exists in the chest. Depending on the extent of correction needed, some men require surgical removal of excess breast tissue and excess skin. 

After your gynecomastia surgery, you can look forward to having a more masculine and sculpted chest that can help you feel more confident and comfortable with the way you look!

Chest Implants 

While gynecomastia surgery can help men remove stubborn fat and breast tissue, implants are a fantastic option for men looking to have toned and defined pecs. Pectoral implant surgery is safe and effective in helping you achieve that strong and masculine look you desire.

For pectoral implant surgery, one of our surgical specialists will make an incision in your armpit, where the pectoralis muscles join. Then, the solid silicone implant will be placed. 

The material and placement replicate the look and feel of natural muscle so that you can show off your chest aesthetic with pride! 

Tummy Tuck

Whether you want to call it a “beer gut,” a “spare tire,” or any of the other numerous terms that are out there, excess fat and skin around the midsection is a common frustration for many. 

The good news is that tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) is one of the most transformational surgical procedures that men can undergo. That is because correction to the midsection can help to change the entire aesthetic of the body. 

For this procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will make an incision just above the pubic area that stretches from hip to hip. Through this incision, liposuction may be performed to remove any excess fat in the area. Additionally, underlying abdominal muscles and tissue will be tightened with internal sutures, excess skin will be surgically removed, and the remaining skin will be pulled tight to give you a more contoured and defined midsection. 

Body Lift

Body lift surgery can help men who struggle with significant sagging skin (and remaining fat) in the upper or lower parts of their body. This procedure is generally performed on men who have undergone extreme weight loss (either from natural diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, including gastric bypass surgery). 

For an upper body lift, liposuction, arm lift surgery, and back lift surgery are used to remove excess skin and stubborn fat from areas on the upper body (the arms and back). 

With a lower body lift, sagging skin and stubborn fat are removed from the lower areas of the body (the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks). Liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, and thigh lift surgery are often used to address these concerns. 

Once your body lift is finished, you can enjoy a brand new you!

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