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What Is Lunchtime Lipo and Is It For Me?

Posted January 14, 2015 in Non-Surgical Treatments

You can get a lot done on a lunchbreak: go on a grocery store run, get a teeth cleaning at the dentist, close that big deal you’ve been working on, run home to let the dog out, and more. Now women are also taking advantage of quick “lunchtime” procedures for personal transformations that won’t put their life schedules on hold.

Liposuction can seem like a radical procedure, with very real risks. But what if it were noninvasive and could be done without a scalpel? Better yet, what if after an hour of your time you could be back to your regular schedule?

“Lunchtime Lipo” is the answer for fast results and little discomfort. Lunchtime Lipo is a type of liposuction done under local anesthesia with very little trauma to the surrounding tissue. Differing from traditional liposuction, this less invasive, faster form of liposuction uses a heat-free, laser-free oscillating wand to easily and safely remove excess fat from your body.

The procedure is done with only mild, local anesthesia and a unique vibrating cannula wand to systematically disrupt and remove the fat cells. The procedure is typically pain free and may even feel as if you are being tickled, giving it the nickname “Tickle Lipo”.

Overall, the procedure results in less blood loss, faster healing and little swelling. Complete recovery can be expected in a few short weeks but patients can return to their normal routines immediately following the procedure.

In the time it takes to do one full workout – or take a lunch break – you can transform your body with a procedure that gives real results with little downtime for recovery.

“So this all sounds surreal, but is Lunchtime Lipo right for me?” Always speak to your doctor first to decide if Lunchtime Lipo is right for you. The procedure is not a treatment for obesity and is recommended for healthy, active men and women who want to quickly remove fat and sculpt specific problem areas.

Many patients have found themselves with specific trouble areas on their body where they just can’t seem to get rid of fat, despite dieting and exercising. If you’ve found yourself saying “No matter how much I exercise I just can’t seem to get rid of my underarm fat (or other trouble area)” then you may want to consider Lunchtime Lipo.

Lunchtime Lipo is a short cut to treat those trouble areas that have plagued you for years, without having to go under the knife. The process is even safer than before and done with more precision than fat extraction procedures have been in the past.

The most common areas on which patients seek treatment for are the abdomen, love handles and outer thighs but Lunchtime Lipo is also perfect for addressing excess fat in the hips, saddlebags, buttocks, love handles, arms, back, chest, ankles and calves.

To learn more about Lunchtime Lipo and decide if the procedure is right for you, browse our website, or call us in Manhattan at 646-559-2854 to schedule a consultation.