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5 Cosmetic Surgeries to Kick Off Your 2015 Fitness Goals

Posted January 20, 2015 in Body Surgery, Non-Surgical Treatments, Plastic Surgery

With every new year comes the resolutions to workout more, eat healthier and achieve the ideal body appearance. We all have goals for ourselves but sometimes have trouble achieving them on our own. Are you having trouble with your new years resolutions? Do you need help to kickstart your fitness goals this year?

Our doctors would never advise patients to forgo a healthy diet and exercise in favor of plastic surgery or body shaping procedures, but even the healthiest diet and best workout routines can’t do everything. For the remaining problems diet and exercise don’t solve, cosmetic surgery can be a great tool to help meet your body image goals.

Cosmetic surgery is a perfect way to kickstart your fitness goals and help motivate you to achieve and maintain the healthy body you want.

We’ve chosen the top 5 cosmetic surgeries that will help you restart your fitness goals this year:

  1. Mini Tummy Tuck

    Do you have a small “pouch” of fat/skin that cannot be removed despite diet or exercise? You may have thought about a tummy tuck to restore the flat, smooth appearance of your stomach. A mini tummy tuck, or mini abdominoplasty, is the perfect way to achieve the same slimming results as a traditional tummy tuck but with half of the downtime, half the scar, and half the price!

    If you are only looking to remove a small amount of abdominal fat and skin we recommend looking into the mini tummy tuck. The procedure has a quick recovery time and can have you starting in the gym in no time working to maintain the healthy, beautifully aesthetic body you’ve always wanted.

  2. Zerona Laser Treatment

    Are you having trouble losing weight and diets just don’t seem to do the trick? If you need a little extra help shedding unwanted fat, the Zerona Laser Treatment may be your answer. No surgery necessary!

    Zerona is a new, innovative fat reducing system that uses a laser to break up fatty tissue below the skin’s surface. The treatment is a proven technique to help tone and reduce fat in stubborn spots such as your stomach, waist, hips and thighs. Zerona is the first non-invasive body contouring procedure to effectively remove excess fat without the negative side effects associated with surgery.

  3. Brazilian Butt Lift

    Looking for a more shapely butt or a way to naturally slim the stomach area? A Brazilian buttocks lift, or buttocks enhancement, can help you create a fuller butt and curvier hips without all the leg lifts.

    An added benefit of a Brazilian buttocks lift is that the removal of fat for transfer allows you to slim and sculpt other areas of your body for greater contouring. Fat is most often taken from the abdomen, back, thighs and hips.

  4. Arm Lift

    Do you have upper arm fat that seems to be completely resistant to toning exercises? An arm lift may be the procedure you need.

    An arm lift, upper arm lift, or brachioplasty is a cosmetic procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the upper arm. Brachioplasty is an effective and safe remedy for patients whose excess arm skin or fat constricts or impairs daily functions and impedes a confident body image.

    Men and women who have lost significant weight are often left with large amounts of excess upper arm skin that limits their ability to find comfortable clothing. An arm lift can help achieve the final touches on the ideal body that you’ve already invested so much in.

  5. Lunchtime Lipo

    “Lunchtime Lipo” is the answer for fast results and little discomfort. Lunchtime Lipo is a type of liposuction done under local anesthesia with very little trauma to the surrounding tissue. Differing from traditional liposuction, this less invasive, faster form of liposuction uses a heat-free, laser-free oscillating wand to easily and safely remove excess fat from your body.

    Overall, the procedure results in less blood loss, faster healing and little swelling. Complete recovery can be expected in a few short weeks but patients can return to their normal routines immediately following the procedure. In the time it takes to do one full workout – or take a lunch break – you can transform your body with a procedure that gives real results with little downtime for recovery.

These cosmetic surgeries can help you feel more comfortable in your clothes and improve your self-esteem. If you are looking for some extra motivation to keep your new year’s resolutions, these can kick start your fitness and body shaping plans to help you stay on track for 2015.

To learn more about the procedures discussed above and decide what is right for you, browse our website, or call us in Manhattan at 646-559-2854 to schedule a consultation.