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What Can a PDO Thread Lift Do for You?

Posted September 08, 2022 in Non-Surgical Treatments

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A cosmetic thread lift provides instant lifting and tightening without the need for more invasive surgery. This has proven to be a wonderful middle ground between non-surgical treatments like injectables and traditional facelift procedures.

A woman receiving a PDO thread lift.

Thread lifts offer a host of advantages, including those listed below.

PDO Thread Lift Benefits

No Surgical Side-Effects

The PDO thread lift procedure requires no general anesthesia and carries less of the risks associated with surgery like excessive bleeding, swelling, bruising, and more. 

Instantly Tighter, Younger-Looking Facial Skin

With facelift surgery, it can take months to see your final results. A thread lift provides instant tightening and lifting, with the added benefit of increased collagen production for continued improvement in the quality of your skin over the next few months. You can also expect reduced lines and wrinkles around the treated areas.

No Downtime

While you may experience some redness and tenderness for a day or two after your thread lift, there is nothing preventing you from returning to your regular routine immediately after the procedure.

No Incision Scars

Because the PDO thread lift procedure is minimally invasive, and no incisions are made in the skin, there are no scars to worry about. The insertion points used to place and pull the threads are very tiny, and resulting marks usually fade completely in most cases.

Long Lasting

You can expect your thread lift to last at least 12 months, with the average being two years. In some cases, results last as long as three years.

Thread Lift Limitations

  • While thread lifts are relatively long lasting, they can’t compare to the staying power of a surgical facelift, which can last a decade or more.
  • Thread lifts tighten skin and offer a subtle but visible lift but do not typically restore lost facial volume. However, the combination of a thread lift and a long-lasting facial filler can often provide the dramatic results you desire.
  • While thread lift complications are rare, they can include infection, which should be treated promptly, and visibility of the threads through the skin, which can be easily resolved by having the thread removed and replaced.

Your New York City PDO Thread Lift Provider

New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical Arts in Manhattan offers expert PDO thread lifting with NovaThreads® along with other compatible, non-surgical services.

As a matter of fact, a thread lift can be the key component of your non-surgical cosmetic treatment plan when combined with the following procedures:

If you are concerned with mild to moderate facial skin laxity and want to avoid a full facelift surgery, you may be a candidate for a thread lift. Learn more about your options and the potential benefits you might enjoy by receiving this treatment.
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