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The Top 8 Myths About Liposuction

Posted March 13, 2018 in Body Surgery

By Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Victoria Karlinsky, MD With so much misinformation being written about liposuction and body sculpting in general, Dr. Victoria Karlinsky decided it was time to provide the FACTS for those considering body sculpting. Here it goes: MYTH #1: Liposuction is a great tool for weight loss THE FACT: Liposuction is not […]

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Shed Your Extra Holiday Inches with Lunchtime Lipo

Posted January 30, 2018 in Body Surgery

Oh, the sheer gluttony of the holidays. Starting at the end of October with Halloween candy, the sweet season continues until the last of the New Year’s Eve bubbly is enjoyed. Thank our stars—and our waistlines—that the holidays have come and gone, but perhaps not without doing a little damage to our bodies first. For […]

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