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C(h)in C(h)in: Celebrating Kybella’s Outstanding Chin Contouring Ways

Posted October 08, 2015 in Non-Surgical Treatments

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Highly coveted, but hard to achieve—a taut and tight chin eludes many. Evidence to the fact, according to a study put out by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), 68% of those polled were unhappy with excess fat under the chin and neck. For this reason, we are proud to introduce you to Kybella—an innovative new treatment that promises to rid the chin of stubborn fat and give you the slim and sculpted jawline you have long desired.

Understanding Kybella

The first of its kind—Kybella is the only injectable treatment to stimulate fat reduction. Kybella is a formulation of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule responsible for breaking down and absorbing fat. When injected, Kybella, permanently destroys fat cells by targeting and liquefying subcutaneous fat. As the cells are absorbed and flushed from the body, they are no longer able to accumulate and store fat. Kybella’s unique makeup also stimulates local collagen production—which, in turn, shrinks and tightens skin. This is a major advantage over past treatments that left the skin around the chin and neck loose and hanging.

A Simple & Non-Invasive Treatment

In the past, many New Look New Life patients were understandably hesitant to undergo more invasive treatments such as liposuction or a neck lift. Our patients often expressed concerned about recovery or the necessary downtime.

With Kybella, you need not worry. Completed as a series, Kybella is a gentle treatment with relatively few side effects and little to no downtime. Most of our patients are back to their busy lives immediately after leaving the office. Usually lasting only two to five days, only 20% of patients experienced any post-injection side effects such as tenderness, slight bruising, or minimal swelling. Our patients also love that there are rarely any visible evidence of their Kybella treatment.

Promising Results

Approved just this past April, Kybella’s release has been highly anticipated—both by cosmetic surgeons and patients alike. With a high success rate, Kybella looks to be a promising and effective treatment. Post-injection, almost 70% of study participants saw a noticeable difference. Of those, nearly 80% of the participants reported being satisfied with the treatment and corresponding appearance of a contoured chin.

A Chiseled Chin

A svelte and sexy chin is only an injection away. At New Look New Life, we have been thrilled with what we have seen and are excited to see what Kybella can do for you. Learn more by scheduling a consultation.