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3 Things You Should Know About Facial Fillers

Posted April 14, 2017 in Non-Surgical Treatments

Karlinsky, Facial Fillers - Image
Did you know that Dr. Karlinsky was recently featured in InStyle Magazine’s “Everything You Need to Know About Getting Facial Fillers”? Dr. Karlinsky took a quick break from her time at New Look New Life to explain injectable fillers.

“Filler has become a great answer to replete volume where it’s needed.”

Unfortunately, volume loss is an inevitable part of aging. “Bone volume, fat, muscle tone, and skin elasticity goes away,” Dr. Karlinsky explains. She continues, “As a result, your face sort of ends up shrinking,” Facial fillers take advantage of a unique formulation that has been specially designed to restore fullness. While some, like Juvéderm®, mimic hyaluronic acid that is naturally found within the skin, others, like Radiesse® and Sculptra®, work to boost your skin’s own collagen stores.

Dr. Karlinsky takes into account each of her patients’ goals to get a better understanding of their specific needs to ensure that she chooses the right filler for their unique facial rejuvenation. Dr. Karlinsky hits the nail on the head when she says, “a fuller appearance always looks more youthful and rejuvenated.”

“Filler can help to smooth over wrinkles that have already formed.”

“There are multiple areas [that fillers] can be used to improve the look of the face,” says Dr. Karlinsky. While not limited to, some of the most popular areas and uses include:

  • Lifting hollow temples and gaunt cheeks
  • Softening bony cheekbones
  • Defining the jawline
  • Relaxing “laugh lines”, “lip lines”, and “parentheses lines”

In addition, fillers are able to effectively restore a youthful facial contour. The list goes on—we couldn’t talk about the benefits of fillers without mentioning their ability to enhance one’s appearance by creating lusciously full lips.

“Be realistic with your expectations, and don’t go overboard.”

Dr. Karlinsky is meticulous in her approach, “I start out very, very slowly.” She continues, “I typically have [patients] do a little, let it settle, and if they want to come back and do something else, we’ll discuss that.” She explains her ways, saying, “It’s never a problem to add more.” While fillers tend to last upwards of a few years, they are also completely reversible. While rare, some patients find comfort in knowing that Dr. Karlinsky is able easily reverse fillers using an “eraser”-like injectable.

Dr. Karlinsky and our team of expert injectors can help you look your best with the help of dermal fillers. Schedule your consultation at one of our offices located in New York City and Westchester.