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Men, Get the Body You Deserve

Posted March 02, 2016 in Body Surgery, Surgery for Men

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Having long been a patient favorite at New Look New Life, liposuction remains one of our most requested procedures. In recent years, men are increasingly discovering the many benefits of liposuction. Targeting stubborn pockets of fat, liposuction breaks up fat cells before they are gently suctioned out. By removing excess fat, liposuction can trims and enhance a man’s masculine physique.

What Men Want

There are a number of reasons why men seek out liposuction. Amongst the most requested—men hope to:

  • Take control of their body shape
  • Exude a youthful energy
  • Improve upon their efforts made through diet and exercise
  • Achieve a fitter, well-toned appearance
  • Restore the body’s youthful proportion

What is more, subcutaneous fat (fat located between the skin and the muscle) softens the strong appearance of muscle definition.

Top Trouble Spots for Men

A versatile procedure, liposuction can be used to correct many specific areas of concern. As men commonly store excess fat around their midsection, our patients commonly hope to slim their trunk—focusing on reducing the flank (love handles), lower abdominals, and hips. Likewise, liposuction is a powerful tool in combatting submental fullness (under the chin), the neck, and male breasts—sometimes as a part of gynecomastia surgery.

Complimentary to the Your Masculine Physique

One of the top concerns for men considering liposuction is that the procedure will take away from their masculinity. Understanding the intricacies of the male figure—when performing liposuction, we are able to sculpt your physique to best keep within your desires.

Similarly, men are often hesitant to appear as if they “had work done”. Creating a treatment plan to meet your needs, we are able to make gradual improvements that make for subtle results. At New Look New Life, we also perform Lunchtime Lipo (Tickle Lipo), a less invasive variation on traditional liposuction. Like its name implies, Lunchtime Lipo is a quick procedure that allows you to return to your daily routine immediately following your treatment.

Take Control of Your Body at New Look New Life

To start your liposuction journey, schedule a consultation at one of our three, New York-based offices.