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How Can Men Have a More Handsome Chest?

Posted December 01, 2022 in Surgery for Men

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As time goes by, more men are turning towards cosmetic surgery to help them improve their physique. In fact, over two million male cosmetic surgical procedures were performed in 2020 alone. And one of the most common areas of the body for men to have cosmetic surgery is the chest. 

That is because the chest, in many ways, is synonymous with the male aesthetic. Nothing says “masculine” like a manly and muscular chest. It only takes looking at some of our favorite male celebrities to see how central the chest is to our view of the hot man bod

Close-up image of a shirtless man with a masculine chest

Below, we will explore some of the most common frustrations men have with their chests, as well as the surgical procedures that can help correct these frustrations.

Male Breast Reduction With Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a condition in which men have excess breast tissue, resulting in male breasts (or “man boobs” as it’s come to be known). 

Because this condition is ultimately caused by a hormonal imbalance, there’s really no way that diet, exercise, or any other natural treatment can correct it. Instead, cosmetic surgery is the only option.

Gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction) is a procedure in which excess fat and tissue are removed from the chest, resulting in a slimmer, more defined chest. 

Either liposuction surgery will be used to remove excess fat from the area, or your board-certified cosmetic surgeon will surgically excise breast tissue from the chest to give you a more masculine chest aesthetic. 

Some patients who suffer from excess fat and tissue may require both liposuction and tissue excision. For patients suffering from severe gynecomastia, loose and excess skin may also be surgically removed. 

After your gynecomastia surgery, you can look forward to a more trimmed and contoured chest that helps you feel comfortable and confident in how you look. 

Chest Enhancement With Pectoral Implants

While gynecomastia surgery can help you get rid of your male breasts, this procedure cannot help you achieve the toned and muscular chest many men desire. 

While you can spend hours and hours at the gym, bench pressing and doing push-ups until you can hardly lift your arms, the reality is that exercise does not always allow you to achieve the chest definition you want. 

Because of this, pectoral implants offer a solution to men looking to build up their chest.

Similar to breast implants for women, pectoral implants are placed in the chest to help patients achieve the aesthetic they desire. However, pec implants are made of a solid silicone material, which is very different from the silicone or saline implants women choose during breast augmentation surgery. The solid silicone of the pectoral implants replicates the feel and appearance of natural muscle so that no one will know that you even have implants at all!

Your consultation at New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical Arts is the first and most important step toward achieving the masculine chest of your dreams. With the help and advice of your cosmetic surgeon, you will select the implant size and shape you want. 

How Can I Achieve the Best Results?

If you have gynecomastia and want to transform your chest appearance, combining gynecomastia surgery (or parts of the procedure, such as liposuction) with chest implants may be your best option. 

Not only will you achieve a more sculpted and muscular chest, but you will also be able to improve your confidence. 

Many men report feeling more confident and secure with their chest appearance after cosmetic surgery on the chest, whether gynecomastia surgery or pectoral enhancement. After these procedures, men tend to feel more excited for the opportunity to take off their shirts and flaunt their new, masculine appearance!

Chest Procedures in Manhattan and Westchester

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