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4 Reasons You May Need a Breast Lift in 2022!

Posted April 05, 2022 in Breast Surgery

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One of the most common cosmetic concerns for women is the appearance of their breasts. 

Women see their favorite celebrities on screen or in magazines and want the same sexy and stunning physique. But sagging breasts can make women feel self-conscious about the way they look. 

Beautiful woman wearing red lingerie.

If you suffer from breast laxity (for whatever reason), you may feel as if people are constantly judging your appearance. 

However, a breast lift can help correct loose and sagging breasts to give you a more toned and youthful physique while also allowing you to feel more comfortable and confident in the way you look. 

There are several reasons why women may choose to have a breast lift. In this blog, we’ll explore some of these reasons and see how this cosmetic procedure can help you!

What Is Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which the breast tissue is lifted and tightened to a higher, more aesthetically pleasing height. Additionally, the nipple-areolar complex can be repositioned (if needed). 

A breast lift is performed under general anesthesia and generally takes one to three hours to complete. 

Why Might You Need a Lift?

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, there are numerous reasons why a woman may want to undergo breast lift surgery. Here are four of the most common.

1. Life Event

Whether from weight loss, age, or pregnancy, many women notice the physical effects of a major life event. 

Sagging skin in the chest is a visible indicator of change in your body, and while the change may be a positive one, the sagging skin that results from it is far from welcome. But breast lift surgery can restore your breasts to a higher, more natural position so that you can look as healthy as you feel.

2. Irritation or Pain

Many women experience skin irritation and even pain when they have heavy, sagging breasts. This irritation and pain may occur around the breast crease (inframammary fold) or in the skin between the breasts. 

However, because a breast lift raises the breasts to a perkier height, you won’t need to worry about your sagging breasts rubbing against the surrounding skin as much. 

Instead, your breasts will be lifted so that they are visibly and physically more attractive.

3. Asymmetry

While no woman has completely symmetrical breasts, women who experience visible breast asymmetry (where one breasts rests in a lower position or height than the other) can feel self-conscious about their appearance, especially in more intimate moments with their partner. 

A breast lift can help give you the balanced look you desire, so you can feel more confident in your body with or without clothing.

4. Large or Misplaced Nipple-Areolar Complex

In addition to sagging tissues, the nipple-areola complex also changes with time. Some women develop larger (or misshapen) areolas that appear out of proportion with the rest of their breasts, while others see the position and projection of their nipples fall (pointing downward instead of outward).

The position and appearance of the nipple-areolar complex can cause many women to feel embarrassed. 

Breast lift surgery can address these concerns. A breast lift can minimize the size and/or change the placement of the nipple-areolar complex so that it has a more natural appearance to improve your confidence. 

Before and after image showing the results of a breast lift performed in New York City.

Visit our breast lift before and after gallery to see more transformations at New Look New Life. 

Combining Breast Lift With Other Procedures

One of the best aspects of breast lift surgery is that it can be performed as a standalone surgery or it can be combined with other surgical breast procedures

Combining procedures can offer even more dynamic transformations to your appearance as well as cut down on the overall cost and recovery time, since you’re having the surgeries and recovering from them at the same time. Some of the most common procedures combined with a breast lift include:

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